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Mountaineer. Blogger. Poker Player.

There was once a time where I hid from everything, never wanting to leave my comfort zone. It took me walking the 825km Camino de Frances in its entirety, my first outdoor challenge in 2016, to realise that the only way to grow as a person and achieve your potential is to do what makes you uncomfortable.

Since that first challenge, I have continued to test my physical robustness and mental endurance by climbing, trekking and mountaineering both at home and abroad. I believe that everyone is capable of achieving their dreams and ambitions. The true key to success is to adopt a growth mindset in everything you pursue.

I started this blog to inspire others to have the courage to live the lives they want, challenge themselves everyday and never quit, whatever adversity or failure confronts them. I’m not challenging you to be the best in the world just the best you can be. Challenge the everyday.

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