Climb X Rave Climbing Shoe (By Shanie)

Climb X Rave Climbing Shoe (By Shanie)

Guest Article // August 9, 2020

* This is a guest review written by Shanie Martin, a climber and hiker (in good weather!)

The Climb X ‘Rave’ climbing shoe is one aimed at beginner climbers looking to purchase their first pair of shoes. These shoes are retailed at around £60 -£70 which makes them very affordable for someone just getting into the sport. This competitive price along with the shoes’ comfort and wide availability in popular high street and online climbing stores makes them particularly appealing for beginners.

The shoes are relatively flat in profile conforming to a natural foot shape. While this may not provide the high technical performance of a downturn shoe, it does make them comfortable to wear during climbs.

The shoes feel very sturdy with a tough rubber sole. This stiffness reduces the effort required to support your feet on holds making them very comfortable to wear during longer climbs. It also makes them much more durable and hard wearing particularly on outdoor rock faces. The downside of this rubber sole is that it is much more difficult to feel the surface of the rock beneath your feet which may affect confidence in foot placement. The rubber on these shoes is not high performance and therefore doesn’t have the grip of a more expensive shoe. For indoor climbing I have not found this to be a problem but it is slightly more noticeable on natural rock and is occasionally difficult to achieve a solid grip.

The shoes fasten using two Velcro straps. This is not only very comfortable to wear but easy to take on and off unlike a lace up shoe. I find that using these straps I can hitch in the shoe tight to my feet providing a firm fit. The top fabric of the shoe is made from suede and moulds nicely to the foot. It will also stretch slightly over time to provide a comfortable fit long term. I found that these shoes came up smaller than expected, usually I wear a size UK 8 but needed a UK 8.5 in this shoe to get them on. Wearing the shoes without socks, they are tight but comfortable and I am happy enough to wear them for a long climbing session while still providing accurate foot placement.

The shoes are lined with organic hemp designed to reduce foot odour however I do still find my shoes can get smelly after a long session. I find that a quick spray of shoe deodoriser after each session is a more effective way of keeping them smelling fresh.

Shanie’s Verdict:

I think these are a fantastic pair of shoes for the price. Being fairly new to climbing myself they have done everything that I needed them to, supporting me in the climbing gym and not causing me huge levels of discomfort that could put me off the sport. I would highly recommend them for anybody starting out and looking for that all important first pair of shoes. For those with more experience, I think it would be worth paying a little more to get a more technical performance shoe as you will benefit in the long run. I myself, will be looking in more detail at factors such as grip, sensitivity and foot profile when buying my next pair.

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