Mechanix: Orginal Grip Glove

Mechanix: Orginal Grip Glove

May 7, 2019

The original grip glove, from Mechanix, is a lightweight glove designed for impact protection rather than weather resistance. Mechanix uses its trademarked Tekdry material to provide protection and breathability. Although designed as tradesman gloves, the brand has been picked up by outdoor professionals and soldiers alike and should be considered by someone looking for a thin glove for activities such as scrambling or belaying in warmer weathers.

The outer Tekdry material is thin but rugged which allows breathability while protecting your hand from cuts and scrapes. It offers no protection from wind or rain. However the material does dries very quickly when it becomes wet. The palms are covered in a thin rubber coating which combined with the very thin inner fabric makes small items like zips very easy to use.

The gloves are comfortable, thin and fit snuggly, which makes them perfect for fiddly activities such as sorting kit and playing with guy lines. The cuff is secured by a solid velcro strap, the cuff is very short which could be seen as a positive or a negative.

The durability of the gloves has been disappointing although I have warn them quite a lot, I have only subjected them to rope/ scrambling activities three times and the rubber grip is flaking off. They will still be usable but will not be particularly gripy which is the gloves namesake!

In terms of price I have found these for as little as £10 for that price these gloves would be a good pickup, however recently I have seen them retailing at £18-25. I like these gloves but they are definitely not worth that much. If you looking for a thin pair of gloves for summer use where hand protection is a concern I would pick a pair of these up if you see them around the £10 price point. I would avoid these gloves if they are priced above £12 or you are looking for a glove that provides weather protection.

Jakes Verdict… I like to be covered from head to toe even in the summer, I dislike suncream so I was looking for a glove to protect my hands from the sun and sharp rock with the ability for a small amount of warmth against cold that doesn’t warrant breaking out a warmer pair. These do fit the bill and I have used them extensively as my go to glove when heading out on the hills. I currently combine these with the Rab vapour-rise softshell gloves which I switch to if my hands get cold. Unfortunately the quality is rather disappointing and uncharacteristic of the brand, with the rubber coming off after less than six months for the price I paid I can’t complain but for £25 you definitely could!