Ocun: Crest LU Climbing Shoe (By Tristan)

Ocun: Crest LU Climbing Shoe (By Tristan)

Guest Article // December 4, 2019

* This is a guest review written by Tristan Marshall, a thru hiker, climber and mountaineer.

The Crest Lu climbing shoe, by Ocun, is designed and built for climbers at the beginner to intermediate level. The high comfort and good performance of these shoes gives the wearer a solid climbing experience. I would best describe this shoe as a brilliant all rounder.

The shoes sole is made from CAT rubber at a thickness of 4mm and is twinned with a rubberised toe patch. While not as thick as other beginner shoes the rubber still has good durability which through extensive use I have found to be very hard wearing.

Using this shoe both inside and outdoors I have found that they are very accurate on small footholds however I have noticed because of the thinner thickness of the rubber my feet  do bend on some of the smaller edges. The rubberised toe patch may seem like a gimmick but it is actually quite good and I have had great success using it on difficult toe hooks and is brilliant if you prefer bouldering.

The  profile is straight with very little asymmetry. This gives it a very neutral shape and I have found that this neutral position really has developed my foot strength. While also being comfortable.

The rest of the shoe is made from microfiber which further lightens the weight of the shoe, provides comfort and handles sweat better than leather. The absence of leather makes this shoe 100% vegan if that is something you deem to care about.

I have previously used shoes that always have had velcro straps and these are the first shoes I have used to have and laces and i must say that i am very impressed. The lace up closure means that these shoes provide a more personal fit and support but are still really very comfortable for a long day of climbing.

The recommended retail price of £64.95 can seem a bit steep especially for a beginners shoe as there are cheaper alternatives on the market, however if you are a keen beginner or even been climbing for a while and you finally want to invest in some climbing shoes i think the Crest LU are a great place to start.

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