RAB: Vapour Rise Gloves

RAB: Vapour Rise Gloves

April 30, 2019

The Vapour-rise gloves, from Rab, are lightweight fleece lined softshell gloves suitable for  four season use. Rab combines a Pertex soft shell outer layer with a thin wicking fleece to provide comfort, warmth and weather protection without sacrificing breathability or finger use. The glove should be considered by anyone from a dog walker to mountaineer who wants an all round well fitting glove.

The outer shell is made from Rabs trademarked Pertex which provides a good level of weather protection from wind and rain while also being rip resistant and easy to clean. In sustained rainfall these gloves will get wet, but I have found that apart from the long waterproof winter guide style gloves gore tex gloves get wet anyway.

The palms are made from treated abrasion resistant leather, with an additional layer around the thumb, which protect the gloves from wear from rocks and ropes. I have used the gloves for scrambling in the cold, belaying with ropes and dog walking. After 6 months the gloves show clear signs of use however there is no damage.

The fleece liner provides a good level of warmth, without making them too thick.There’s always the option of adding a liner glove in the colder months. While a long, velcro cuff allows the wearer to fasten the glove over a jacket to trap in warmth.

I have always been hesitant at spending any form of money on gloves, at a avg price of £30 these gloves aren’t cheap but they are not particularly expensive either. The glove comes in at a very good price point in comparison to the other gloves on Rabs range. I consider them to be of good value.

I would consider this glove if you are a dog walker, hill walker or mountaineer looking for an all round glove to stick on when the temperature dips and rain comes in while still wanting to be able to use your hands.

I would avoid these gloves if your someone looking for a glove for serious winter mountaineering, want something waterproof or a glove that is just for sitting around in.

Jakes verdict… I must have owned over 15 pairs of gloves over the last couple of years, they were always too thick or stiff to do anything in, or to cold or useless in the rain. These gloves are a perfect compromise making them a perfect general use outdoor glove. In warmer temperatures I either wear nothing at all or a thin pair of gloves such as mechanix for hand protection rather than warmth.